I wrote some articles for Strange Sounds From Beyond.
SSFB is a festival and an online magazine who explore the unknown and out-of-the-ordinary kind of music.


The Unstoppable Force of LEGOVE

I'm steering the soundship closer to home this time, exploring the sounds, inspirations and unstoppable force of my close friend Legove, a promising Dutch artist whose musical roots stem from B-Boy culture, Onyx Ashanti’s improvisations, Akira … and the Transformers franchise.


Sun Ra: An Angel from Saturn

I’d like to tell you about one of the most mythic entities that ever walked the face of this planet. In my opinion, he fits the description of “Strange Sounds From Beyond” in the best and most literal way possible.


The Intergalactic Sonic Travels of Robert Mason and His Synth

Stardrive – a name synonymous with a 70s jazz-rock fusion band, its self-titled album, and as the liner notes would have us believe, the “world’s first multi-voiced synthesizer that can be played like a real keyboard instrument….” This name also holds the frame to the only window allowing us a glimpse into the world of its creator; a man the internet knows very little about. Lucas Benjamin takes us along on his quest to uncovering the story behind an enigmatic keyboardist and inventor.